- Tagebuch von Frau Hoffmann -

"Mrs Hoffmanns diary from Wales"

Unsere stellvertretende Schulleiterin und Englischlehrerin Frau Hoffmann hatte die Gelegenheit, vom 14. Juni bis 27. Juni  Schulen in England zu besuchen und die englische Sprache zu vertiefen. Sie war in dieser Zeit bei einer Gastfamilie in Cardiff in Wales untergebracht.

June, 14th, Sunday
Iíve arrived at the station in the late afternoon. Mrs Baker is my host mother. She has a nice house.  Here I live for the next 2 weeks.
Cardiff is the capital city of Wales.
Look at and in this house :
There are a lot of beautiful fireplaces. In the house are two dining rooms,  a nice kitchen, two living rooms,  a small hall,  a bathroom and 4 childrens rooms. The Ąchildrenďare all over 30 years old and out of this house. Look at the beautiful garden.
The weather is sunny, cloudy and a little bit cold.
Best wishes to you!

Juni 15th, Monday
One day at Radyr Primary School
All boys and girls meet on the school yard. At 9 oíclock the lessons start. Iím in class 6. The pupils are 11 years old.  The teacher is Mr Powell. He is just 28 years old. In every morning there is English and maths. After lunch the kids have music, sports, arts, religion, IT, handcrafts  (Werken) and science  (HSK). All this with Mr Powell.
There is a little school garden and some hens in a shed. Look at the boys feeding the hens. The eggs the kids sell on the summer schools party.
All books the kids get from the school. The parents just pay for the school uniforms. The kids donít take anything home.  They havenít any schoolbags,  just rucksacks.
The school finishes at half past 3 in the afternoon.
All pupils go home. For crossing the street there is a lolly pop man, as you can see.

June 16th, Tuesday
Another day in Radyr Primary School ĖMy top six
         Every school here has a reception like in a hotel. Mrs Wiessner would be happy .
         The kids have special bags for books they take home for reading.
         I like the building corner for the boys. They have some wood to play with.
         I like the chicken in the shed .
         I like the scarecrow in the garden. It wears a school uniform. The boys and girls are looking for a name.
         I like the greenhouse made out of plastic bottles.




Wednesday, Juni 17th
One day in St. Marys Primary School
Iím in class 3. The children are 10 years old. There are 29 in the class. The children start reading books. Then they discuss about a week trip into a ĄSchullandheimď. They work with tablets.
A pensioner is sitting at a table.  He comes 2 x in a week to read with the children. There are hundreds of books in the shelves.
The language nr.2 is Welsh. The children learn it like at Erich Kaestner Grundschule English and French. All text is in English and Welsh.
Good bye! See you!

Thursday, Juni 18th
One free day in Cardiff
Itís sunny and windy. I walk through a very nice park to the National Museum of Art. Itís free. I donít need money. I see the original ĄBlue ladyď by Renoir.
I have a tea with milk on the riverside.
Then I go by boat to the harbour. I see the Millennium Rugby Stadium. I visit the Parliament of Wales. Itís a big house made of glass outside. It looks a bit like the Landtag in Erfurt.
On the way back I see the very big castle.
I have a week bus ticket and go home by bus.
Now Iím tired.
PS: I write in the present because itís much easier for the children to read and understand.

Friday, June 19th
At the Ynystawe Primary School in Swansea
This is one school in our Erasmus+ program. Naomi lives in Cardiff.  I go with her by car to Swansea.
Itís a big ĄHello!ď there. On the photo you can see Mr Houston- Philips, the head teacher.
All teachers and children are very friendly.  You can see Alison, Rachel, Alison  and me.
It is an old school with caves under it. The children like to play there when it rains.
They have a forest school. It is a real wood. They can play and learn there.
The rabits name is Masie. It lives outside. In the night it is inside because of the fox.  The children love Masie.
Every Friday they have a meeting in the hall. The teachers sing and play instruments together with the children.
When you go on our blog you can get to the website of this nice school.
Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, June 20th
A weekend walk in Cardiff
Today I am in Cardiff Castle. There is a very old castle on a hill inside the castles ground. And there is one castle from the 18th century.
Today the knights are fighting. Itís a medieval festival.  There are a lot of spectators.  So am I.
I can take a photo with the old castle and the Millennium Rugby Stadium.

Sunday, June 21st
Cardiff bay
In the old times it was anderes coal harbour. Trains full of coal came to bring it to the ships. It was dirty and loudly.
Today there is auch big Millennium Hall for concerts, the Parliament Andrang restaurants.
The sea is locked out. There is a barrage (Sperrdamm) between  the bay and the sea. The ships have to go through a sluice ( Schleuse).
I can see an extrem sailing event. There are many people walking around. Nice weather.

Monday,  June 22nd
Ideas for English lessons
Today I sit in the classroom all day long. Our teachers name is Graham Workman. Itís a good name, isnít it?  He is very funny.
He shows us some childrens books. We sing childrens songs. We do rhymes. We play classroom games.
Matching Animals Parts
I get 4 cards of animal parts. I get a name of an animal.
I go round and ask the other: ĄDo you have the body of a crocodile?ď He /She says :ďYes, I have it. Here you are.ď Or  he/she says:ď No, I havenít.ď
When you put your animal together you are maybe the first and the winner.
I like this game.

Tuesday, June 23rd
Another day in classroom and an open air museum
You can see my class. There are teachers from Spain, Italy, Germany and Slovakia.
In the museum you can see the history of living in Wales. The life in a castle was much different to the life in a poor mans cottage. Look at the photos! Can you name the rooms?

Wednesday,  June 24th
Specialties in Britain and Wales
It is a full time schools day. All day we speak English.
Look at the photos and find these special things:
jelly beans, British flag, Welsh flag, letter box, telephone box, left driving,  tea with milk, lollipop man, beautiful park, rugby ball, old nice houses
Good night!

Thursday, June 25th
English lessons and shopping for souvenirs
The weather is sunny. In the morning we walk through the park into the city. I photographed a squirrel for you. Itís lovely,  isnít it?
Today we learn with Damian OíDonovan. The name comes from Ireland. We work in groups.
After the lessons I go shopping.  Look at my gifts.
There is a rugby ball, a football, a golden box of tea, the Welsh flag, the red dragon, a bag of crumpets  (I love them. Itís  like toast.), a package of Welsh cakes, Welsh stickers, lemon marmelade and juggling balls.
Tomorrow is my last day here.

Friday,  June 26th
The castle animal wall
Once uppon a time there was anderes man. His name was Bute. He lived in the Cardiff castle and travelled around the world. All animals he has seen he drawed on paper. A stone artist formed out of these pictures the stony animals on the castles wall. All tourists take photographes of these animals.
Can you find
a lion, a lioness, a bear, a  seal, two apes, a  wulf, a hyena , an  eagle, a beaver, a leopard, two racoons, an ant eater, a pelican, a lynx ?
On the last day we had a nice Afternoon cream tea. Look at the tower of scones!  Yummi!

Saturday, June 27th
Going back home
Good bye, Cardiff! Good bye Wales!
My travel report :
I go by bus to Newport.
Then I go by train to Birmingham. I go by a magnetic train to the airport.
I go by Lufthansa plane to Frankfurt. There is a terrible thunderstorm and the airport is closed.
I stay in a NH- hotel in Frankfurt.
I go by bus back to the airport on Sunday morning.
The airport shuttle takes me to the plane.  I go by plane to Leipzig.
Finally I go home by car. Itís Sunday, June 28th.